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Smart Sensor Posture Trainer and Corrector - Unisex, All Ages

Smart Sensor Posture Trainer and Corrector - Unisex, All Ages

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Item Description:

Improve your posture with our Smart Posture Sensor Trainer and Corrector Device! This innovative device detects and corrects upper back laziness and hunching, promoting better posture and reducing strain on your body. This will help correct your posture naturally!

This is not a subpar fix like many you see that are just straps that pull your shoulders back and don't teach your muscles and body proper posture. This will fix your posture perfectly for your body and build the muscles in your upper back through proper posture determined from the integrated chip. This creates a permanent fix rather than a dependency like many others on the market.


How Does it Work?

Our product was designed for easy use and immediate results. Once attached over your shoulders behind your neck, the built-in high-precision gyroscope chip accurately records your posture, monitors the change of the body inclination angle in real time, and vibrates to remind you to fix your posture.


1. Constructed from food-grade silicone material, this product is both lightweight and durable, with a soft and skin-friendly texture. It is designed to fit the natural curvature of the human body, ensuring maximum comfort.

2. Equipped with a high-precision gyroscope chip, this product is more reliable and stable than traditional ball chips on the market. It can accurately record and monitor body posture in real time, providing gentle vibrations as a reminder. 

3. The intelligent automatic memory function can detect incorrect posture and continuously monitor it, offering effective correction for unhealthy habits such as hunchback. 

4. This product is specifically designed to improve back and shoulder posture, reduce hunchback, promote proper body alignment, and protect eyesight while also enhancing overall appearance. 

5. Versatile and suitable for various activities such as work, studying, walking, and reading, this device aims to solve postural issues at their core.



Material: Food grade silicone 

Size: 18.5*14.5*2CM

Weight: 90g

Packing size: 18*14*3CM

Rated input: 5V/1A

Battery life: about 1 week (wearing 4 hours a day)

Rated power: 0.4W

Battery capacity: 200mAh/3.7V


Packing List:

1* Posture Corrector

1* USB Charging Cable

1* English User Manual


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